High set
Germany BVATSI has been committed to the research and development and design of customizable bathroom products, high-quality environmentally friendly materials, flexible design customization, exquisite details, warm and lasting colors, interpreting fashion in classics, and pursuing the ultimate in quality.
High-end custom design
Product design:
The author of the professional R&D team in the German headquarters, and the German minimalist design concept, BVATSI not only pays attention to appearance, but also pays attention to practicality and sustainability. Scientific structure and classic appearance can make products stand the test of time.
Space function customization
BVATSI has a professional customization team to provide the best solutions according to different bathroom spaces. The shower room can be customized for special size rooms such as ultra-high, ultra-wide, special-shaped, and large arcs. At the same time, bathroom cabinets, niches, and floor drains can be customized on demand The size is a perfect combination from style to function.
Color customization
Breaking through the conventions, BVATSI provides you with a variety of color customization solutions for hardware and plates.
Pattern design and customization
Provide customers with more customized choices of glass patterns and processes, and can be customized according to the patterns provided
High-end quality:
BVATSI hardware adopts German imported accessories to maintain a high degree of uniformity in design and materials. At the same time, high-end products are equipped with stainless steel metal magnetic strips as standard, and the product performance is more outstanding.
BVATSI shower room products come standard with float glass, high-quality gold crystal ultra-white glass, 4K high-definition translucent, high-end products with laminated glass, rich space and more security.
The hardware surfaces of BVATSI products adopt advanced processing techniques, including the finest CNC machining and metal surface grinding techniques, which greatly improve product quality and accuracy.
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