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1. All shower room products of platinum wire bathroom meet or exceed the industry standard QB2584-2007, and all aluminum alloy profiles meet or exceed the national standards GB5237.2-2017 (anodized profiles) and GB5237.4-2017 (powder coating profiles) ) Requirements, all toughened glass meets or exceeds the national standard GB15763.2-2005 (safety glass toughened glass for construction) requirements.

2. Dear customers, thank you again for your concern and support for PSI Sanitary Ware. At the same time, thank you for choosing and purchasing our products. During the warranty period of the purchase, if there is a defect in the structure of the product parts, the problem of the material itself or the manufacturing process If the product cannot be used or caused serious impact due to the insufficiency, the company can choose to repair or replace it. The replacement parts belong to PSI Sanitary Ware.

3. The damage caused by the following actions is not within the scope of the company's quality guarantee: due to transportation, installation, product modification, accidents, abuse, misuse, lack of proper care and the use of non-platinum wire to produce replacement parts. Problems or damages, whether these are caused by installers, contractors, industry insiders, users, or anyone else.

4. Loss of normal maintenance, such as gaskets and sealing rings that need to be replaced regularly for normal care.

5. All special declarations do not assume responsibility or exceed the warranty period, as well as transportation responsibility or intentional damage.

6. Responsibilities used in regional regulatory requirements. (Because the scale of each region is very different, dealers and consumers decide whether to adapt to installation specifications or switch to special products)

7. After the product is installed, non-product quality problems will not be returned. Within 7 days from the date of sale of the product, if there is a product quality problem, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair. Within 15 days from the date of sale of the product, if there is a quality problem with the product itself, consumers can choose to replace the parts or repair it.

8. The uniform warranty period of platinum wire shower room is as follows: 1 year for tempered glass and 5 years for hardware accessories.